We include walls, raised borders and flower beds in this category.

Here at P Arter & Son Builders Ltd, we are aware that boundary walls are a good way of marking out and maintaining ones’ boundary avoiding disputes over land with future neighbours, at the same time making your property much more secure and defendable. Walls can also provide the means to hold back vast quantities of earth which would enable you to put the space to better use.

There are many different styles of garden wall with varying thicknesses and bonds to suit your needs and complement your property.

It is worth remembering that any wall built on your property, by law, must have the face side of the wall facing outwards. This means if you choose an irregular shape brick for the wall, the back will not appear flat. There are various bonds to minimise this, but it is wholly unavoidable.

Wall capping is equally as important as this stops the penetration of water prolonging the life of the wall. Finally, a good solid base is required to maintain stability of the wall with a minimum of 9 inches of concrete, maybe more if the ground is poor.